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Agripreneurs Network

KVK  / Agripreneurs Network

Agripreneurs Network

Since the inception of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, major focus is given for conducting vocational / skill oriented training programmes for employment generation among the rural youths.  Necessary infrastructure and facilities were developed for this purpose.  Due to continuous efforts, this KVK was able to train thousands of youths not only from Ahmednagar district but also all over Maharashtra.  This has helped to develop very good network of agripreneurs in the district and state also.



Farmers are now convinced about the important of organic manures but availability of the good quality organic fertilizers is the problem. Farmers are generally using FYM once in 3 to 4 years. It has been estimated that organic resources available in the country alone can produce not less than 20 million tones of plant nutrients. The bulk quantity of crop residue and sugarcane trash is available with the farmers and 80-85 per cent farmers are burning it or throwing it on the bunds or roads. Hardly 15-20 per cent farmers are utilizing the crop residues for composting: however the compost prepared by conventional methods is time consuming, laborious with poor quality.
Vermiwash is the important nutrients solution for foliar applications. Vermiwash is rich in various plant nutrients and pesticides properties.Vermiwash generally content 1.32 per cent nitrogen, 0.72 per cent phosphorus, 0.65 per cent potassium and also secondary and micronutrients in sufficient quantity. Vermiwash preparation method is simple and cost effective.

Interventions of KVK

KVK has noticed the exact problems of Rural Youth and prepared a strategy to give them suitable agriculture based enterprise based on the local resources availability. To develop this enterprise in the rural area for self-employment and sustain agriculture business, KVK took initiative to promote the vermicompost production as self employment enterprise. For technical knowhow of the technology, the SMS Soil Science was deputed to INORA, Pune and Morarqa Foundation, Jaipur, Rajasthan for on job training. In the year 2000-2001, a model demonstration unit at KVK farm with 50 tons annual production capacity was started. For this purpose species like Eosinia foetida and Eudrillus euginae are used. The unit is mainly utilized for on job training of the trainees. Crop demonstrations were conducted at field on wheat, cotton, sugarcane and onion for the popularization of the vermicompost and creation of market demand among the farming community. Literature developed and distributed among the farmers for awareness generation KVK designed three days vermicompost production skill imparting training programme for rural youths. Training includes vermicompost and vermiwsah production technique, harvesting, packing and marketing besides project preparation. Exposure visit of trainees were also organized for the interaction with the successful entrepreneurs.

Vermicompost Production


Year Number of courses Number of participant Unit started
2001 to 2012 11 316 15
2013 to 2014 01 018
Total 12 334
Coordinater – Suvarna Narayan Kale;  Contact no-9511959295
Address At/Post-Malwadgaon, Taluka-Shrirampur,  Dist –Ahmednagar
List of Successful Trainees
Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs AddressEmail/Website Phone .No Production Capacity
1 Suvarna Narayan Kale        A/P-Malwadgaon  Taluka-Shrirampur  Dist �Ahmednagar 9511959295 120 ton/year
2 Bhand Sahebrao Ganpat At/Post-Dadh kd  Tal-Sangamner


9822502049 50 ton/Year
3 Navnath Ramdas Waqte A/P-Jeure Kumbhari Taluka-Kopargaon  Dist-Ahmednagar 9922437305 36 ton/year
4 Shivaji Changdeo Tupe A/P-Aadinathnagar Taluka-Pathardi Dist-Ahmednagar 9420944780 15ton/year
5 Jalindar Dnyandeo Rajdeo A/P-Bhramni Taluka-Rahuri  Dist-Ahmednagar 8888506321 10 ton/year5
6 Nivrutti Namdeo Ambadkar A/P-Georai Taluka �Newasa Dist �Ahmednagar 9657058909 10 ton/year
7 Satish Rajaram Kale A/P Gangapur Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9637325028
8 Prashant Suresh Dhumal A/P Ward No 4, Bazar Road, Tal-Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9763701760
9 Shashikant Chunilal Badgujar A/P Ranipura Holi Chowk, A/P Dondaicha Tal-Sindhkheda Dist- Dhule 9420256487
10 Mahadeo Laxman Fulari A/P Bhenda Tal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9423749455
11 Laxmikant Chunilal Badgujar A/P Ranipura Holi Chowk,A/P Dondaicha Tal-Sindhkheda Dist- Dhule 9422287580
12 Unde Kailas Kashinath A/P Matapur, Tal. Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9226135433
13 Ms Kale Suvarna Narayan A/P Malwadgaon Tal-Shrirampur  Dist-Ahmednagar 9271402242
14 Pramod Bhagwanrao Take A/P Undirgaon Tal- Shrirampur Dist-  Ahmednagar 9021205056
15 Sampat Baburao Awari A/P Dhamangaon (Awari) Tal-Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9850971946
15 Pulate Prashant Laxman A/P Durgapur  Tal-Rahata  Dist-  Ahmednagar 9657048916


There is good scope for poultry production in the villages due to fresh air, clean water supply besides large scale assured market through contract farming.  KVK has intervened and identified contract farming in broiler poultry production as an assured income generating enterprise for the rural youths.  Broiler and layer poultry  production and backyard poultry rearing  was one of the vocational course started by KVK in 1996, which was different from other courses. Poultry is the one of the fastest growing enterprise in the district. Though commercial broiler and layer production is growing very fast, there are 30 to 35 per cent population who demands the eggs and meat of local poultry.  The rates for eggs and meat of the local poultry are 50 to 100 per cent more than the broiler and layer.  The local poultry is being reared by the farmwomen in backyard and rural youth for commercial meat production, this is major income source for them.  By considering the demand for local poultry birds and socio-economic status of these enterprises among the rural family, KVK has given more emphasis on this issue.

KVK constructed 2000 capacity broiler production unit in 1996 for practical training and 400 capacity hatching unit in 2001.  KVK introduced Giriraja breed of Karnataka for meat production during the year 1996-97.and Vanraja,Grampriya in 2008.KVK scientist, KVK conducted total 35 Poultry production courses to 827 rural youths during the period of sixteen  year . The course duration was varies from 3 days to 120 days. Out of these 827 trainees 192 started  poultry enterprise on small as well as on commercial basis viz.broiler and commercial backyard unit. In the training programme hatching production technology also included, .  . For broiler production KVK developed linkages with private poultry industries like Venkateshwara, Saguna, Amrut for contract farming.   which help in increase the adoption due to assured market


Employment generation through trainings programmes
Year No. of courses No. of trainees No.ofunit started
1995-96 1 57 11
1996-97 3 146 34
1997-98 1 18 3
1998-99 1 20 7
99-2000 2 76 24
2000-01 2 54 18
2001-02 2 40 16
2002-03 2 35 12
2003-04 2 35 9
2004-05 3 35 13
2005-06 2 71 27
2006-07 2 39 21
2007-08 2 32 14
2008-09 2 25 11
2009-10 2 26 9
2010-11 2 46 19
2011-12 3 72 23
2012-13 4 83 31
2013-14 3 89 29
Total 42 999 331
Vocational course conducted
Poultry management
Total courses Total trainees Broiler unit contract farming Broiler unit Commercial Backyard Unit started Small unit started
35 827 19 35 12 126
Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address mail/Website Phone .No Production  Capacity
1 Vikas Vitthalrao Yeole Korhale Tal-Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9604043377 2500 no
2 Prashant Jijabrao Shirsath Pilkhod Tal-Chalisgaon, Dist-Jalgaon 9527570086 2500 no
3 Divate Vijay Anandrao Babhurdi Tal-Parner, Dist-Ahmednagar 9579515288 3000 no
4 Babasaheb Sampat Datir Pimpri Lauki Tal- Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9763169229 5000 no
5 Rajendra Maruti Wani Dadh, Dist- Ahmednagar 1000 no
6 Somnath Sampat Tambe Chinchpur ,Ahmednagar 3000 no
7 Datta Jabaji Waral Nigoj ,Ahmednagar 5000 no
8 Sangita Ganvat Vadegavan Ahmednagar 1000 no
9 Kishore Ambadas Zawre Chinchpur ,Ahmednagar 3000 no
10 Ganesh Dattatriya Khamker Loni, Ahmednagar 2500 no
11 Navnath Tukaram Harde Daradgaon,Ahmednagar 500 no
12 Ekbal Shahajan Shaikh Gadewadi ,Shevgaon 500 no


Agro Services centers

1 Agro Services center Suryakant Eknath Jaybhay Newasa Phata, Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 02427 244230
2 Agro Services center Bhaskar Ranganath Thorat Ukkalgaon Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 02422 244280
3 Agro Services center Vaibhav Chandrakant Darshane Rajuri Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9881499855
4 Agro Services center Vinod Namdeo Bhendarkar Sakoli Tal- Sakoli Dist- Bhandara
5 Agro Services center Vijaykumar Vishwasrao Ugale Yadavmala, Mamdapur Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9881741460
6 Agro Services center Anil Popatrao Borawake Suryapushpa Complex, Morge Vasti, Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 02422 210955
7 Agro Services Center Sunil Amrutsagar Shri Darshan Appt, P No-15 Sector-19 Matheran Road, New Panvel, Mombai 9769106271
8 Agro Services Center Madhukar Dandawate Sakuri Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9766033899
9 Agro Services Center Vaibhav Rabhaji Kanawade Laxmi Niwas, Lane- 3 Janatanagar, Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9373941000
10 Agro Services Center Anil Laxman Deshmukh Shri Agro Services, Shop no 964, Sayyad Baba Chowk, Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9850675999
11 Agro Services Center Sushil Kale Natepute, Tal- Malshiras Dist- Soplapur 9850731998
12 Agro Services Center Pravin Chavan Kada Tal- Ashti Dist- Beed 9765559999
13 Agro Services Center Balasaheb Bhaskar Jagtap Govardhan Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9423785822
14 Agro Services Center Ravikiran Jagannath Rathi Loni , Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9822047651
15 Agro Services center Avinash Sabre Pushkar Appt, Flat no- 12, Jangam Lane, Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9822373052
16 Agro Services Center Dinesh Thombare Loni , Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9850568702
17 Agro Services Center Santosh Takte Ghulewadi Phata, Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9822502590
18 Agro Services center Sanjay Babanrao Raut Kolhar , Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9970987107
19 Agro services center Prahlad Shaligram Pagrut 2 Mugdha Apptts, Sethi Compound, Gurudwara Rd Nashik 98509 93342
20 Agro services center Narendrakumar Dattatreya Patil C/O Akshay Clinic, A/P Piliv, Tal-Malshiras Dist Solapur 98900 96117
21 Agro services center Vijay Ajinath Mane  Mirajgaon Tal-Karjat Dist Ahmednagar 9960015817
22 Agro services center Yogesh Ramchandra Bhosale Ashwi Kd Tal-Sangamner Dist Ahmednagar 9881064560
23 Agro services center Nandkishore Sopan Kharche Shri Shraddha, Flat No. 05, Opp Gitanjali Colony, Indiranagar  Dist-Nashik 94222 54693
24 Agro services center Dattatreya Bajirao Gaikwad Rui Tal-Niphad Dist Nashik 02550-286732
25 Agro services center Dnyandeo Ramdas Kalamkar Mamdapur Tal-Rahata Dist Ahmednagar 9822620247
26 Agro services center Subhash Narayan Naikwade  Rajuri Tal-Rahata Dist Ahmednagar 9850691539
27 Agro services center Satish Rangnath Bodkhe Saratewadgaon Tal-Ashti Dist Beed 9970334838
28 Agro services center Umesh Ukandrao Ghate Rajura (Ghate) Tal-Murtijapur Dist Akola 98508 18625
29 Agro services center Uttam Baba Kolekar  Narayangaon Tal- Junnar Dist- Pune 9970215638
30 Agro services center Surendra Chhagan Bhaybhang C/O Bhaybhang Krishi Seva Kendra, Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9881122082
31 Agro services center Sanjay Haribhau Joshi Brahmni Tal-Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 98224 40517
32 Agro Services Center Sanjay Sahebrao Chaudhari 31, Saraswat Colony, Near Hasti Bank, A/P and Tal-Sindhkheda Dist- Dhule 9422530469
33 Agro Services Center Prashant Deoram Dighe Kolhewadi, Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9850231191
34 Agro Services Center Satish Savleram Londhe Sakur Tal-Sangamner Dist-  Ahmednagar 9921334551
35 Agro Services Center Sanjay Namdeo Kale Nr Bed College, Gadakh Bldg. New Akole Road, Sangamner Dist-  Ahmednagar 9850402206
36 Agro Services Center Ranjit Ramesh Dhumal Takli Bhan Tal-Shrirampur Dist-  Ahmednagar 9421554533
37 Agro Services Center Kerai Vijaykumar Ramrao Gajanan Nagar, Karegaon Road, Dist-Parbhani 9960403807
38 Agro Services Center Gagare Anil Dattatraya Kanadgaon, Tal. Rahuri, Dist- Ahmednagar 9860385791
39 Agro services center Suryawanshi Balaji Zumbar Shivajinagar, Galli No.3, Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9822608975
40 Agro Services Center Raskar Raju Dinkar Loni. Kd, Yashwantnagar, Tal. Rahata, Dist- Ahmednagar 9850587850
41 Agro Services Center Kawade Sagar Prakash Satya Manik. Court Road, Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9422726950
42 Agro Services Center Ms Bidwe Kavita Dattatraya Jogeshwari Akhada, Rahuri, Dist- Ahmednagar 9860118980
43 Agro Services Center Chaudhari Narayan Dattatraya Sangamner, Gonvindnagar, Tirthroop Bunglow, Dist- Ahmednagar 9822334825
44 Agro Services Center Shivaji Lahanu Kashid Vadgaon Pan Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9860342844
45 Agro Services Center Bhausaheb Dagdu Mandlik Ashwi Bk Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9822958261
46 Agro Services Center Sambhaji Sopanrao Nimbalkar Sonai Tal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9423783996
47 Agro Services Center Rajesh Sheshrao Khade Sawali, Asiad Colony, Shegaon Naka Road, VMV, Amrawati 9423425349
48 Agro Services Center Madhav Dattatraya Choudhari  Dixi Tal-Niphad Dist- Nasik 9226481400
49 Agro Services Center Deokar Shivaji Raghunath Takli Tal-Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9850449749
50 Agro Services Center Sarode Valmik Ramkrishna Plot No. 17, Behind Moulvi Complex, Nr Krishinagar, Malegaon Camp, Malegaon Dist- Nashik 9850046240
51 Agro Services Center Dhas Rahul Panditrao Rajhans Colony, Room No. 13, Loni Bk Tal-Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9226958685
52 Agro Services Center Magar Vishal Kerubapu Takli Bhan Tal-Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9270001490
53 Agro Services Center Garad Sharad Shivajirao KukanaTal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9423783960
54 Agro Services Center Pote Sanjay Eknath Shirasgaon Tal-Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9423755323
55 Agro Services Center Mankar Gangadhar Bhagwat Durgapur Tal-Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9850130372
56 Agro Services Center Pawar Sahebrao Dnyaneshwar Punatgaon Post Pachegaon Tal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9422728387
57 Agro Services Center Kadhane Nitin Vilasrao Sarthak, Swami Samarthanagar, Maldad Road,Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9370505001
58 Agro Services Center Deshmukh Mangesh Shantaram Near Kaman Ves, Akole Tal Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9421584333
59 Agro Services Center Pathare Ashutosh Uttamrao SonaiTal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9860619232
60 Agro Services Center Gadhe Balasaheb Pandharinath  AkoleTal-Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9422623636
61 Agro Services Center Gawali Ajay Sopanrao C/O Ajay Xerox Opp Sahyadri Vidyalaya, Pune-Nasik Highway, Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9960292026
62 Agro Services Center Wagh Vishwas Vasantrao Maze Ghar Hsg. Society, Bunglow No.20, GhulewadiTal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9822323849
63 Agro Services Center Ghorpade Shivaji Krishna Nandur Post-Khandala  Tal-Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9850142928
64 Agro Services Center Mane Vishal Mahadeo Aalkuti Tal-Parner Dist-Ahmednagar 9960785203
65 Agro Services Center Pawar Sunil Dnyaneshwar Punatgaon Tal- Newasa Dist-Ahmednagar 9423785977
66 Agro Services Center Rokade Dilip Laxman  Nandur Nimba Daitya Tal-Pathardi Dist-Ahmednagar 9604487053
67 Agro Services Center Salunkhe Sunil Bapusaheb  MPKV Rahuri Tal- Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 9272397579
68 Agro Services Center Shelke Kailas Ramkrishna  Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 9822855076
69 Agro Services Center Shinde Sahebrao Shivram Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9822671158
70 Agro Services Center Kasar Vivek Vitthal Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9822378815
71 Agro Services Center Gagare Yogesh Suryakant Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9890278129
72 Agro Services Center Tupe Sachin Nivrutti Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9673770922
73 Agro Services Center Gadhe Changdeo Namdeo B-23 Engineering College,Shinganapur Tal-Kopargaon Dist-Ahmednagar 9370306363
74 Agro Services Center Gore Babasaheb Tukaram Rajuri Tal-Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9850403777
75 Agro Services Center Sharad Vinayak Kapse Pangaon, Tal-Barshi Dist-Solapur 9552501105
76 Agro Services Center Sachin Balasaheb Gorde Pimpalgaon Nipani Tal-Akole Dist-Ahmednagar 9689939296
77 Agro Services Center Sagar Suresh Chavan Ukkalgaon Tal-Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9011008604
78 Agro Services Center Bhosale Suresh Ramrao Ashwi Khurd Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9960348899
79 Agro Services Center Khairnar Rahul Manohar C/O-Jondhale Sir, Shri Krishi Laboratory, Ambika Colony, Malegaon Camp, Tal-Malegaon DistNashik 9960911191
80 Agro Services Center Shinde Chandrashekhar Nimba Shendurni Tal-Malegaon Dist- Nashik 9823088536
81 Agro Services Center Gadekar Kiran Ashok Dadh Bk Tal-Rahata Dist-  Ahmednagar 9850939427
82 Agro Services Center Kadam Ashok Sitaram Gopalpur Tal-Newasa Dist-  Ahmednagar 8975510528
83 Agro Services Center Kishor Shivaji Solunke Malunje Khurd Tal-Rahuri  Dist- Ahmednagar 9822573197
84 Agro Services Center Waghmode Sanjay Eknath Bhatkudgaon Tal-Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9975642829
85 Agro Services Center Santosh Bhagwat Kakad Jorve Tal-Sangamner, Dist- Ahmednagar 9766200224
86 Agro Services Center Mhaske Vijay Sahebrao Shibalapur Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9096118191
87 Agro Services Center Vane Sandip Bhimraj Wadala Bhairoba Taluka-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9975641254
88 Agro Services Center Sandeep Dnyandeo Nirmal Pimpri Nirmal Tal-Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9604673574
89 Agro Services Center Varpe Rahul Rajaram Ghulewadi , Tal-Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9423386912
90 Agro Services Center Salunkhe Sunil Sopan Kolewadi  (Mhaisgaon)  Tal-Rahuri, Dist- Ahmednagar 9767714949
91 Agro Services Center Virkar Yogesh Muktaji Songaon  Tal-Rahuri  Dist- Ahmednagar 9850159399
92 Agro Services Center Musale Balasaheb Kundlik Vankute  Tal-Parner  Dist- Ahmednagar 7798950167
93 Agro Services Center Waghule Shyam changdeo Rahuri (Lohar galli  )   Tal-Rahuri  Dist- Ahmednagar 9689944529
94 Agro Services Center Singar Vinayak Vitthal Bhojade Tal- Rahata   Dist- Ahmednagar 9850402939
95 Agro Services Center Navale Sunil Manohar Navalewadi Tal-Akole  Dist- Ahmednagar 9881169771
96 Agro Services Center Barbade Subhash Madhavrao Shahar Takali Tal- Shevgaon  Dist- Ahmednagar 9921202095
97 Agro Services Center Khose Somnath Bhausaheb Bramhani  Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9970464610
98 Agro Services Center Kahandal Sachinkumar Shivaji Bherdapur Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9850915919
99 Agro Services Center Sukate Baburao Namdao  Kolewadi  Tal- Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 9011751843
100 Agro Services Center Ms. Meena Raosaheb Godage Loni kd Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9970211499
101 Agro Services Center Rajendra Narayan Ghanghav S.D. College Road, Ramjinagar A/P-Tal- Soygaon Dist- Aurangabad 9595849694
102 Agro Services Center Kantilai Hiralal Pawar Wanjul Poi(Manjri) Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9011221644
103 Agro Services Center Satish Laxman Tarhal Belpimpalgaon Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9763385284
104 Agro Services Center Sandeep Baban Rohom Khirdi Ganesh Tal-Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9922720393
105 Agro Services Center Akshaykumar Sadashivrao Pokharkar Kotul Tal-Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9881221955
106 Agro Services Center Raviraj Chandrabhan Harade Warkhed Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9545740484
107 Agro Services Center Eknath Mohan Bhagat Belpimpalgaon Tal-Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9850569735
108 Agro Services Center Rohan Ashok Bhamare Bhadane Tal-Sakri Dist-Dhule 9860864888
109 Agro Services Center Dnyaneshwar Sahebrao Autade Babhulkhede Tal-Newasa Dist-Ahmednagar 9975947600
110 Agro Services Center Raosaheb Kondaji Torkad Yamini Society No-1 Sainagar, Amrutdham, Panchvati, Nashik 9689912455
111 Agro Services Center Vishnu Sakharam Umbarkar Umbri Balapur Tal-Sanagmner,  Dist-Ahmednagar 9922592634
112 Agro Services Center Shivaji Manohar Nawale Nawalewadi Tal- Akole, Dist-Ahmednagar 9422861571
113 Agro Services Center Sumit Dipak Raul M/S. Sairaj Agro Services,A/P- Devthan Tal- Akole Dist-Ahmednagar 9623900796
114 Agro Services Center Sagar Vitthal Bhor Dhamangaon Pat Tal- Akole Dist-Ahmednagar 8975902601
115 Agro Services Center Gangasagar Shantaram Kokate Somthane Tal-Sinnar Dist-Nashik 9623040507
116 Agro Services Center Pravin Bhanudas Shinde Sakegaon Tal- Pathardi Dist- Ahmednagar 9405848874
117 Agro Services Center Pramod Rambhau Suse Amarapur Tal-Shevgaon Dist-Ahmednagar 9403618696
118 Agro Services Center Jitendra Jagannath Mahajan Amalner Savatawadi  Dist-Jalgaon 9421636116
119 Agro Services Center Dilip Ramnath Ugale Belpimpalgaon Tal- Newasa  Dist-Agmednagar 9689577196
120 Agro Services Center Ambadas Arjun Shekade Pathardi  Dist-Ahmednagar 9921679890
121 Agro Services Center Yashwant Vinayak Jadhav Mandave Tal- Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9923076943
122 Agro Services Center Ms. Shobha Ashok More Kasarpimpalgaon Tal- Pathrdi Dist-Ahmednagar 9881999469
123 Agro Services Center Navnath Changdeo Davhan Mhaisgaon Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 7588024688
124 Agro Services Center Madhav Arjuan Wani Nandurkhi Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9422115199
125 Agro Services Center Vishal Navnath Phadtare Karjat Dist- Ahmednagar 9970957501
126 Agro Services Center Somnath Pandurang Bhise Rahuri kd Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9765565286
127 Agro Services Center Dipak Bhausaheb Gavhale Kopargaon Nr Annabhau Sathe Chauk Dist -Ahmednagar 9673342814
128 Agro Services Center Pramod Raosaheb Pete Narayanwadi Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 8805194118
129 Agro Services Center Ravi Namdeo Dighe Talegao Dighe Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9860573405
130 Agro Services Center Sandip Janardhan Kale Bhatkudgaon Tal- Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9921983877
131 Agro Services Center Kiran Uttam Golwad Mukindpur Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9730301931
132 Agro Services Center Sambhaji Vijay Bharat  Hadgaon  Tal- Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9011503337
133 Agro Services Center Mahesh Shankarrao Parjane Savanstar Tal- Kopargaon Dist- Ahmednagar 9011215100
134 Agro Services Center Dhananjay Vishwasrao Kawade Shivajinagar Tal- Nandgaon Dist-Nashik 9960102445
135 Agro Services Center Machhindra Karbhari Bhor  Dhamangaon Awari  Tal- Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9890343967
136 Agro Services Center Shivaji Dagadu Barde  Mukindpur Tal-Newasa Dist-Ahmednagar 9822974688
137 Agro Services Center Pankajkumar Babasaheb Sukalkar Ustal Dumala,  Tal-Newasa Dist-Ahmednagar 9730983013
138 Agro Services Center Ms Pallavi Shivaji Deshmukh C/O- Yashawant Krishi Seva Kendra, Opp. Market Yard A/P- Tal- Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar 9850727828
139 Agro Services Center Digmbar Hiraman Phatangare  Nimgaon Bhojapur Tal- Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9422870166
140 Agro Services Center Pralhad Nana Arsul Ranjangaon P- Pirbawada Tal- Phulmbri Dist- Aurangabad 9503295082
141 Agro Services Center Nilesh Sanjay Naik  Belapur Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9403788212
142 Agro Services Center Bhausaheb Baban Khemnar Ambhore Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 7588693462
143 Agro Services Center Sadashiv Kisan Khemnar Ambhore Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9923945262
144 Agro Services Center Ramdas Bhausaheb Sagar  Sakur  Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 7507858483
145 Agro Services Center Babasaheb Vitthal Bhosale Mandave Tal- Parner Dist- Ahmednagar 9552551451
146 Agro Services Center Yunus Bugan Shaikh Valan Tal- Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 7588094621
147 Agro Services Center Pankaj Nivrutti Zolekar Nawalewadi Tal- Akole Dist- Ahmednagar 9881918154
148 Agro Services Center Rahul Balasaheb Thorat Ukkalgaon Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9922155567
149 Agro Services Center Vikas Ashok Bhosale  Sakur Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9730667300
150 Agro Services Center Deepak Bhaskar Bhosale Birewadi  Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9763962328
151 Agro Services Center Rajendra Pandurang Waman  Shendewadi Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 7588004930
152 Agro Services Center Ravindra Tabaji Tupe Takalibhan Tal- Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 8983109856
153 Agro Services Center Annasaheb Bhausaheb Kadam Ozar Kd Tal- Sangamner  Dist- Ahmednagar 9850463207
154 Agro Services Center Somnath Murlidhar Shimpankar Miri Tal- Pathardi  Dist- Ahmednagar 9763556992
155 Agro Services Center Ganesh Narayan Tribhawan Zapharabad  Tal- Shrirampur  Dist- Ahmednagar 9822293032
156 Agro Services Center Pruthviraj Ramdas Khalkar Jawale Tal- Ambegaon  Dist- Pune 7709020400
157 Agro Services Center Ravindra Manikrao Wath A-2/4, Saisona, Sarasnagar  Ahmednagar 9422222125
158 Agro Services Center Shailesh Ramchandra Kakade Wadala Bahiroba  Tal- Newasa  Dist- Ahmednagar 9823933533
159 Agro Services Center Ramesh Kacharu Bhaldand  Undirgaon Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9527191619
160 Agro Services Center Kailas Goraksh Navale Maldad Tal- Sangamner  Dist- Ahmednagar 9422149845
161 Agro Services Center Ravindra Ganpat Gaikwad C/O- Dhanraj Agro Services, Shop no- 322, Navin Monda, Jadhavwadi, Dist- Aurangabad 9404474408
162 Agro Services Center Swapnil Arjun Lokhande Pargaon Tal- Ambegaon Dist- Pune 9595959350
163 Agro Services Center Dipak Baburao Dhakane  Kharwandi Tal-Pathardi  Dist -Ahmednagar 9421122382
164 Agro Services Center Sandip Sampatrao Dongare  Nimaj Tal- Sangamner  Dist- Ahmednagar 9511155551
165 Agro Services Center Santosh Namdeo Patkal  Chapadgaon  Tal- Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar 8275032972
166 Agro Services Center Arun Krushnanath Pawar  Shevgaon  Dist -Ahmednagar 9423162907
167 Agro Services Center Pandurang Shankar Garkal  Ghogas Pargaon  Tal- Shirurkasar Dist- Beed 9527021082
168 Agro Services Center Kishor Tarachand Bhusal  Umbri Balapur Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 9766611911
169 Agro Services Center Santosh Eknath Kanade Hanumantgaon Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 9922330636


Spirulina is a blue green algae having unique combination of protein, vitamins, minerals. It is richest and cheapest source of nutrients to the human being. It is the richest source of protein in the world (6 times more than eggs and 20 times more than milk), contains about 55 – 71 per cent protein, It contain highest amount of iron, Beta-Carotene (Pro Vit-A) and Vitamin B12. Spirulina is used in the diets of malnourished children, adults and sportsmen. Sufficient quantity of iron has proved boom for anemic women and children.

 Due to its antioxidant nature, scavenges free radicals, prevent diseases like diabetes, cataract, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, aging and cancer are caused by free radicals. It contain beta-carotene which is higher than any other known sources of beta-carotene. It contain highest amount of gamma linolinic acid which prevent the accumulation of fats and cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. It is rich in protein, beta carotene and vitamin E is being used in the preparation of anti wrinkle cream, anti pimple lotion and various cosmetic products.

KVK, Ahmednagar has been given major emphasis on bio food since the beginning. Spirulina is one of the most nutritious algae for human being. KVK introduced the spirulina in the year 2003 with objective of employment generation among the youths, create awareness among the rural community about its consumption and make available spirulina locally to increase its consumption.  Before introduction of spirulina, KVK scientist Mr. Shailesh Deshmukh, SMS (Agronomy) who is course coordinator has been trained at Central Food Technological Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and Centre of Sciences, Wardha. In the year 2003, KVK has design the skill imparting training programme of two days duration to the rural youth for employment generation. Before conducting training programmes, demonstration unit of 25 sq.mt. raceway tank and 8 rectangular tank of 1.5 sq.mt each has established at KVK for training and demonstration purpose.

Total sixteen trainings programmes for 403 trainees have been conducted during last ten  years. Trainees from 26 districts of Maharashtra and 3 other state have attended training programs.Trainees attended the course were from different field like doctors, engineers, professor, businessmen, house wives, students, youths. This help in dissemination of concept and technology among the different group of community

Employment generation through trainings programmes
Total courses Total trainees Commercial Unit started Small unit started Service Consultancy Research Marketing
16 403 14 22 1 2 2


List of Successful Trainees

r.no Name of Entrepreneurs AddressEmail/Website Phone .No Production Capacity
1 Prakash Ghanwat At/Post-Shrigonda Taluka-Srigonda Dist �Ahmednagar 9271547495 40kg/month
2 Somnath Sable At /post �Karjat Dist-Ahmednagar 9403206306 30kg/month
3 Dr .Bhos Rajaram Sukhdev At/Post-Bhavdi  Taluka-Shrigonda Dist-Ahmednagar 9011899076 20kg/month
4 Vishal Katkar Pune 9028429864 17kg/month
5 Dr .Bali Nathachi Wadi Taluka-Patas Dist-Pune 9011002057 20kg/month
6 Sunil Kanwade Ahmednagar 9525323201
7 Supriya Gaikwad Pune 8149791961
8 Kudip Patil Sangli 7588626712 5kg/month
9 Shantinath gaikwad At/post-Shrirampur Taluka- Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9921927626 Marketing
10 Bhaskar Lotke At/Post-Bhavdi  Taluka-Shrigonda Dist-Ahmednagar 9960872488 Marketing
11 Avinash Fand At/Post/Taluka/Dist-Ahmednagar


The KVK has undertaken the EDP drive during the year 2013 and as a part of the campaign the KVK has conducted vocational trainings for 310 farmers, rural youth and women exclusively in Protected Cultivation of Vegetables and Flower crops.

 Establishment of Polyhouse and Shadenethouse by Trained trainees from KVK:

Sr No Taluka No. of trained farmers & rural youths Polyhouse established Shadenethouse established Total Loan extended by Banks
01 Rahata 225 20 04 24 2.28 crores
02 Sangamner 48 16 06 22 3.80 crores
03 Rahuri 25 08 00 08 0.78 crores
04 Other Tehsils 12 0 00 00 0
Total 310  44  10  54 6.86 crores

However during the training it was felt that we were unable to provide practical skill oriented training for the trainees to impart vocational skills which can further help to increase the confidence among trainees. The KVK has extended the practical skills by taking them to successful polyhouse growers and provided them the learning environment. However there is a demand from the farmers that the KVK should also have the Polyhouse demonstration unit for extending the training and imparting vocational skills.

Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address mail/Website Phone .No Production  Capacity
1 Madan Bhausaheb Chaudhari A/P-Khandala Taluka-Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9763067345 10 R
2 Balasaheb Sudakar Game  (Shednet House) A/P-Kelwad Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9850140065 10 R
3 Mohan Vinayak Dive A/P-Kangar Taluka-Rahuri  Dist-Ahmednagar 9850759607 10 R
4 Shrikant Vilas Dighe A/p-Hanumantgaon Taluka-Rahata Dist-Ahmednagar 9970299696 10 R
5 Pravin Ramnath Wakchaure A/p-Kalas Taluka-Akole Dist-Ahmednagar 9850019208 10 R
6 Babasaheb Vitthal Bhosle A/p-Birewadi  Taluka-Sangamner  Dist-Ahmednagar 9552551451 10 R
7 Sachin Narayan Lambe(Shednet 10R) A/P-Pimpri Awghad  Taluka-Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 9021787361 10 R
8 Gorde Vijay Balasaheb(Shednet House) A/P-Kelwad Taluka-Rahata Dist-Ahmednagar 9767335552 10 R
9 Gorde Rajendra Punja  (Shednet House) A/P-Kelwad Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9922152254 10 R
10 Waghe Satish Khandu (Shednet House) A/P-Kelwad Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9727777361 10 R
11 Kandalkar babasaheb Salu (ShednetHouse) A/P-Kelwad Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9604797409 10 R
12 Bhange Kalpana Madhukar A/P-Kolhar Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9422221997 10 R
13 Ghorpade Sudakar Devka A/P- Nirmal Pimpri  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9665767881 10 R
14 Kadam Ashok Babanrao A/P- Mamdapur  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9272130515 10 R
15 Elam Sanjay Aabasaheb A/P- Wakdi  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9850994290 10 R
16 Gore Rajdatta Tukaram A/P- Rajuri  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9970290224 10 R
17 Shelke Karbhari Dattatry A/P- Adgaon  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 7588093468 10 R
18 Jadhav Shivaji Trimbak A/P- Adgaon  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9657632913 10 R
19 Shelke Dadasaheb Karbhari A/P- Adgaon  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 7588605643 10 R
20 Shelke Shivaji Kachru A/P- Adgaon  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9403689277 10 R
21 Bhramne Balasaheb Kondaji A/P- Loni kh Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 8605744807 10 R
22 Gore Sunildatta Tukaram A/P- Rajuri  Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9960893160 10 R
23 Brhamne Anil Kondaji A/P- Loni kh Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9226422949 10 R
24 Tilekar Prabhakar Namdeo A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9766745738 10 R
25 Jondhale Ashok Balaji A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9766926624 10 R
26 Langote Subhash Bapuji A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9890894276 10 R
27 Vadak Tarabhai Chandrabhan A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 7350991951 10 R
28 Aargade Shila Sampat A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 7620192150 10 R
29 Thete Harishchandre Shankar A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 10 R
30 Badhe Bhausaheb Jairam A/P- Nimgaon Jali Taluka-Rahata  Dist-Ahmednagar 9689858745 10 R
Polyhouse Services
Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address mail/Website Phone .No Production  Capacity
1 Datta Annasaheb Sonawane A/P Hingoni (Kangoni) Tal- Newasa Dist- Ahmednagar 9850724927
2 Asane Sagar Raosaheb A/P Malwadgaon Tal-Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9404980107
3 Madan Bhausaheb Chaudhari A/P Khandala Tal- Shrirampur Dist- Ahmednagar 9763067345
4 Pradip Prataprao Tambe A/P Dadh Bk Tal- Rahata Dist- Ahmednagar 8600038892
5 Akash Radhakisan Pansare A/P Hingangaon  Tal-Dist- Ahmednagar 9404980971

Dairy Enterprise

Ahmednagar is a rainfed district receiving average rainfall of 497 mm.  Out of 12.56 lakh ha cultivable area 73.23% land is rainfed and known as rabi district.  However, due to water availability of three major dams, more than one lakh ha area is under sugarcane which is the major cash crop in the district, particularly in northern part of the district.  Dairy is the major income generating enterprise to the farming community in the rainfed and irrigated area of the district.  Small-marginal and rainfed farmers economy is mostly dependent on dairy enterprise.  Total contribution of agriculture in district GDP is around 17%, whereas livestock itself contributes 5% of district income.  About 70% animals are being reared by landless, small and marginal farmers. In dairy enterprise, 85 to 90 per cent women are involved apart from involvement of the youth of the family.  However, youth and women are not willing to continue this enterprise due to various reasons.  KVK has made the SWOT analysis to study various issues and provide a new direction to this enterprise.  In the district there is total 13.46 lakh cattle population of which 8.66 lakh population is cross breed cows.  Average milk production is 8 to 10 lit/day.    Daily milk collection is in between 23 to 24 lakh lit through organized sector.  Besides this milk, private distribution and consumption of milk is also in bulk quantity. The problem of dairy enterprise include low yield and poor quality of milk due to ecto-endo parasites, mastitis, repeat breeding, low conception rate, high cost on medicine and feeding and unavailability of fodder.  Similarly unavailability of labor and increasing work pressure on women and youths are some of the important issues.  Due to these reasons, farmers are not willing to continue this enterprise though highest returns are accrued from this enterprise with less land and water.

After analysis of the problems and discussion with the dairy entrepreneurs, it is observed that the work pressure of the dairy enterprise can be reduced by loose housing concept.  Daily changing the place of the cattle, providing drinking water, removing dung and cleaning, washing, milking, cutting of fodder crops and feeding are the major physical work in the dairy farm.  This can be reduced by integrating some technologies in the loose house concept.  Generally dairy farmers having shed for the cattle around which some structure can be constructed with chain link, pipe or locally available wood material.  Every cattle is provided 100 to 120 sq.ft area for free movement.  Feeds and feeding is provided in the shed whereas water tank is provided in the open space. In open space some farm waste can be used as bedding material where the cow dung and urine is being spread and gets well mixed due to their movement.   In the open to sky system this bedding material gets dried easily and can be removed after two to three months.  Good quality compost is being prepared due to this system.  Loose housing saves the labor cost on changing the place of cows, providing water, removing cow dung and cleaning.  Similarly due to this system cows can drink water as per their requirement as against only two times providing drinking water manually in the conventional system. The cows can easily move in the loose housing that helps to proper exercise and digestion of fodder ingested by cows.  They can choose suitable place for rest as per the season and climate.  The cows are always clean and shiny due to selection of proper place for resting as against the resting on their own dung-urine in the conventional system.  All this has resulted in improving the health, reducing the ecto-endo parasites, reducing the problem of different diseases, reducing the repeat breeding problem.  The psychology of the cow is better in loose housing resulting in improvement of health of the animals.  Integration of these measures has resulted in improvement in the milk yield as well as quality of milk. The most important benefit to the dairy farmers is the fact that due to loose housing system labor cost has drastically reduced. To reduce the physical work and drudgery, KVK has introduced the mechanization in the dairy farming.  Feeding, milking and daily management are three major works in the daily farming.  Daily management of the herd is being taken care due to loose housing concept.  For feeding, cutting of the fodder requires more labor in which women labors are more involved.  To reduce the drudgery and labor cost, grass cutter is being introduced which cuts all types of fodder crops.  Similarly after harvesting the grasses, chaff cutter is being popularized to make the fodder in small pieces.  This saves the feed and also improves the fodder use efficiency.    Due to chaff cutter incorporating dry fodder in their daily diet has become easy without any wastage of dry fodder. For milking of the cow both manual and mechanized milking machines are popularized.  Similarly some new fodder crops like marvel, jaywant, DHN-6 (Hybrid Nepier), giant bajra, oat, berseam, cow pea are popularized besides conventional fodder crops like jowar, maize, lucerne etc.  Due to this integration of the technology, ideal dairy units have come up in the district with the KVKs efforts. KVK is giving major emphasis on loose housing concept for sustainable dairy farming. Two seminars have been conducted besides exhibiting the model demonstration unit in the Agriculture Technology Week organized in 2011.  Initially eight ideal dairy units were developed which have been identified as model units in and around KVK.  Development of VCD about the experience of these farmers about loose housing for dairy was done.  Similarly a booklet is also prepared so that this resource material can be used for mass communication.  Year 2012 is being declared by KVK as the year to promote the concept of Loose Housing for Dairy.  Initially 40 villages were selected in five blocks of Ahmednagar district where dairy is the major enterprise.  In these villages intensive approach like training, demonstrations and exposure visits were planned.  As the KVK is working since long time in these villages, there is a good network of farmers through Farmers Clubs for rural youths and Self Help Groups (SHGs) for farmwomen which are the major contributing factor for the dairy enterprise.  The promotion programme of loose housing concept has supported by ATMA, Ahmednagar. KVK has conducted total 31 training programmes for Farmers Clubs and women SHGs involving 40 villages from five blocks.  Livestock department, paravet workers and the successful entrepreneurs were involved in the training programme.  Similarly master farmers project of the NABARD has also helped to disseminate this concept.  After imparting skills in the training programme the interested youths and women were selected for exposure visit to the model units established by KVK within district.  Due to these coordinated efforts, KVK has received good response from the dairy entrepreneurs.  CDs and booklet were given as technical material for mass awareness.  Through KVK Pravara Community Radio, wide scale publicity is being done besides written articles in newspaper and magazines.  TV and AIR were also used for wide publicity. Within the period of one year, 187 dairy units were established.

Yearwise Vocational courses organized for dairy farming

Year No.of courses No.of trainees trained  
1993-13 29 763
2013-14 4 103
32 866
Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address Email/Website Phone .No Production Capacity

Farmer Producers

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) has promoted total five Farmers Producers Organization (FPO). Initially KVK has made an attempt to form total 182 farmers groups based on different commodities.  The commodities like vegetables and fruits have considered.

            Farmers Producers Organization is becoming popular concept in the field of agriculture among farming community because of its importance.  However for formation of Farmers Producers Organization minimum 15-20 groups are required in which each group should have 20 members and they should be grower of particular commodity.

Presently five Farmers Producers Organization started primary working in the tehsils like Newasa, Shrirampur, Rahata, Sangamner and Kopargaon from Ahmednagar district. The details as follows:

Taluka Village Commodity Produce
Rahata Rahata Guava Fruit
Sangamner Pimpri Lauki Lime/ Redgram Fruit/Green pod
Newasa Kukana Banana Fruit
Kopargaon Dahegaon Bolka Maize Grain
Shrirampur Taklibhan Soybean Grain

            The procedure of formation of FPO is initially form a general body which will perform overall functions of the organizations.  Giving name to the organization, opening the bank account in any bank existed in the operational area in the name of the organization are the primary work.

The functions of FPO are

  1. Improve the yield and quality of the commodities
  2. Aggregate the agricultural produce
  3. Sale the produce collectively
  4. To create basic infrastructure for the members like common service center, godown, pack house, storage structure and other facilities.

            First Farmers Producer Organization, i.e. Adarsh FPO is established at Pimpri Lauki village of Sangamner tehsils.  Organization has opened business office, started supplying information to the members.  Total 320 farmers are involved in this FPO.  The selected members undergone training on production technology, processing and marketing.  The trained farmers imparting knowledge and skill among the other farmers on various technologies.      Besides lime based activities producers organization also working for Redgram production.  Each member cultivate redgram on minimum one to two acres area.  Redgram is being cultivated especially for green pod. The marketing of green pod is mainly carrying out in Gujarat.  The earning through sale of green pod ranges between 30 to 45 thousand per acre.  To improve production and marketing FPO started giving support to members like supply of inputs, marketing and providing information on various technologies.

Goat Rearing

Goat is being considered as cow of poor family, as goat can be reared without much green fodder. Goat is a multi functional animal and plays a significant role in the economy .The landless labors, socio-economically backward class, poor families, farmwomen, farmers from rain fed area are the major beneficiaries of the goat enterprises. Goat rearing is an enterprise which has been practiced by a large section of population in rural areas. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs and trees in adverse harsh environment in low fertility lands where no other crop can be grown. goats are kept as a source of additional income and as an insurance against disaster. Goats are also used in ceremonial feastings and for the payment of social dues. In addition to this, goat has religious and ritualistic importance in many societies.

Profit from goat depends largely on the knowledge and ability of farmer to feed his flock economically and to derive maximum productivity.  Goats eat leaves, small branches, weeds, herbs grasses,  concentrate feeds. There is a great variation in feeding habits of goats. They appear to be able to tolerate a wide range of feeds. Goats have also marked preferences for particular types of feed especially if a choice is available. The goats will often reject mouldy and contaminated feed. Although goat prefers to browse as compared to grazing, they are capable of making efficient use of cultivated pastures for meat and milk production.

Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address Email/Website Phone .No Production Capacity
1 Madhav  Shivram Abhale At/Post-Madhi kd  Taluka–Kopargaon    Dist-Ahmednagar 9890751387
2 Ramesh Shankarrao Pathare At/Post-Karegaon Taluka-Shrirampur Dist-Ahmednagar 9766175684
3 Chandrakant Gangadhar  Munde At/Post �KhandalaTaluka-ShrirampurDist-Ahmednagar 9765123739
4 Shri Santosh Dada Musmade At/Post �Tambhere Taluka-Rahuri Dist-Ahmednagar 9763138715
5 Shri Arjun Madhav  Pawar At/Post-Nilwande Taluka-Sangamner Dist-Ahmednagar 9922339878
6 Anand Baban Girme At/Post-Lohgaon Taluka-Rahata -,Ahmednagar
7 Dipak Macchindra Nirmal At/Post-Nirm Pimpri,                                         Taluka-RahataDist- Ahmednagar

Food Processing

Food is basic part of our existence. Number of agro food processing unit small and large is less in our country. Rural youth and women have less knowledge about proper technology of processing due to this fruits and vegetables and grains damage.

               Rural home makers always curious about technology of food product development like processing of soy milk, malted ragi etc.     Our rural SHG�s members are making some good quality product like pickles, papad,   health drinks etc .  But they  want  to  know  more  recent product for consumers.

KVK started formation of SHG�s in 2001-02 to involve women in farm and nonfarm activity for technology adoption and women empowerment.  KVK has formed 573 SHG�s involving 9168 members in 107 villages of five tehsils of the district.

            KVK designed various training programs after need assessment and opportunities for employment generation.  Courses for food processing were developed based on locally available raw material i.e. fruits, vegetables as well as grains.  Processing and preparation of different products from Aonla, Mango, Citrus were conducted and many of SHGs started production of different products from these fruits.  More commodity processed products are from Aonla.   Similarly Alovera processing units have been established by one entrepreneur.  Similarly different materials required in the kitchen like pickle, papad, masale, dal of different pulses and festival specific products topics have also been covered in the courses.  Many enterprises required more labors, which was solved by organizing exposure visits to these SHGs.  Similarly for marketing of their products different activities like development of brands, packaging system and organizing exhibition at KVK as well as deputing them in different exhibitions helped to develop market network.  Now some SHGs and entrepreneurs are being participated at State, National as well as International exhibits and showcased their produce.

            KVK is also providing support like preparation of projects for different funding agencies, credit linking with banks and linking with different development departments for subsidy.

Sr.no Name of Entrepreneurs Address


Phone .No Product
1 Mangal Srihari Yadav At/Post-Pravaranager



9271868660 Value Added Handmade Papad
2 Chaya Kishor Bhagat At/Post-Belapur

Taluka- Shrirampur


9822884863 Aloevera And Herbal Processing
3 Sunita Suresh Gatkal At/Post-Taklibhan



8275032781 Pulses Processing
4 Mrs. Lata Chandrabhan Khalkar At.Po.Loni Tal. Rahata Dist.A.nagar 9096244028 Papad making
5 Mrs. Ranjana Popat Umbarkar At.Po.Umbri Balapur, Tal. Sangamner Dist.A.Nagar 9730153761 Machine papad making
6 Mrs. Sushila Bapusaheb Pulate At.Po. Durgapur Tal.Rahata, Dist.A.nagar 8308289594 Machine papad making
7 Mrs. Asmita Ravindra Aher At.Po. Pravaranagar Tal.Rahata Dist.A.nagar 9552813267 Traditional recipes making from Wheat
8 Mrs. Vandana Rajendra Shirsath At.Po.Shirdi Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar 9766478365 Masale
9 Mrs. Shobha Eknath Mankar At.Po.Durgapur Tal.Rahata, Dist.A.Nagar 9270975395 Noodles making
10 Mrs. Anjali Dattatraya Kolse At.Po.Durgapur Tal.Rahata, Dist.A.Nagar 9766853057 Wheat processing unit
11 Smt. Mandatai Babasaheb Chavan At.Po.Deolali Pravata Tal.Rahuri Dist.A.Nagar 9766959352 Minor millet processing unit
12 Mrs. Shital Prakash Gahire At.Po.Babhaleshwar Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar 9403540699 Value added traditional snacks
13 Mrs. Chetana Kiran Pawar At.Po. Loni Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar 9890127105 Mushroom products
14 Mrs. Hirabai Bhaskar Unde At.Po.Deolali Pravata Tal.Rahuri Dist.A.Nagar 9850632790 Minor millet processing unit
15 Mrs. Sujata Sunil Shinde At.Po.Kolhar Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar 9767423845 Ragi milt making
16 Mrs. Mangal Umesh Kale At.Po.Pravaranagar Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar ——————– Masale and noodles making
17 Mrs. Shobhana Prakash Sonawane At.Po.Ashwi, Tal. Sangamner Dist.A.Nagar 9921961319 Papad making
18 Mrs.Indumati Ramnath Dighe At.Po.Talegaon Dighe,

Tal. Sangamner Dist.A.Nagar

9975275414 Milk products
19 Mr. Chetana Gaikwad At.Po.Taklibhan Tal.Shrirampur Dist.A.Nagar 9260019084 Rajgira products & different snacks
20 Mrs. Sarika Makrand Bothe At.Po.Rahata Tal.Rahata Dist.A.Nagar 9890127105 Fruit proces

Commodity Interest Group (CIG)

Ahmednagar district comprises fourteen tehsils having more than 1500 villages.  Each tehsil is typically known for particular agriculture commodity.  The crops like soybean, cotton, redgram, maize, bajra are mainly grown in Kharif and wheat, jowar, bengalgram, groundnut cultivated in rabbi season. Sugarcane is major dominant cash crop grown in all tehsils.

            The vegetables like onion, brinjal, tomato, cabbage, cauli flower, cucurbits, potato are produced in the district.  Fruits like pomegranate, mango, guava, grapes, sapota, lime, aonla are having considerable area.  The flowers like marigold, chrysanthemum, rose are also cultivated in some parts of the tehsils like Parner, Rahata, Sangamner, Akole respectively.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra has laid major focus in improving productivity of these commodities since inception through training, demonstrations and on-farm-trials.  The knowledge and skills imparted among the producers.

            To organize producers from each commodity, KVK has utilized group organization concept. For this purpose, total twenty commodities were identified for formation of commodity wise groups.  Each commodity group contains 15-20 growers.  The activities are based on production, credit mobilization and marketing.  Collective actions are mainly followed for cultivation, purchase of inputs, information and market network.

            Total 182 such groups developed by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra and networked to KVK programmes


Mushroom is fungi come which is nutritional biofood. Out of 14000 types of mushroom 700 types of mushrooms are edible which has also medicinal value. Mushroom contains Protein (3-5%), folate (B9), niacin(B3), pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, vit.B6, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and fiber. It contains very less calories and 80 – 90% water. Mushroom is low in sodium, carbohydrates and fats. It has enormous fiber content. It contain potassium abundantly which help reduce blood pressure and it is a boon to people suffering from hypertension. It stimulates the immune system, lowers blood cholesterol and regulates diabetes.

Intervention Of K V K

In 1997, KVK designed oyster mushroom cultivation training course and also started low cost oyster mushroom production unit of 500 beds capacity for training and demonstration purpose. Similarly spawn production units was also started during the year 1999 to made available spawn and enhance in establishment of mushroom enterprise.

Total 19 courses on mushroom cultivation for 484 rural youths were conducted during the period of six year (1997-2003). The course duration varies from 3 days to 120 days. Besides mushroom production technology, spawn production technology was also included in the training course. KVK also involved the agencies like NABARD, MCEAR for technology adoption and dissemination on wider area.

Year wise courses conducted and employment generated  


Year No. of courses No. of trainees


No. of units



Size of Unit

 1 1997-98 2 39 8 no. 50-125 beds
2 1998-99 2 41 23 no. 100-300 beds
3 1999-2000 3 88 32 no. 75-250 bed
4 2000-01 3 45 17 no. 100-150 bed
5 2001- 02 5 195 77 no. 50-250 bed
6 2002-03 3 76 25 no. 50-150 beds
7 2003-04 1 15no. 4no. 100 beds
Total 19 484no. 182 no.
Sr.No. Item Details
1 Name of Entrepreneurs  Mrs.Pawar Chetna Kiran
2 Address/ mobile no/ Email/ website A/P-Loni bk (musale Vasti)

Taluka –Rahata


3 Name of Enterprise Siddharth Mushroom Reasearch Center
4 Type of Enterprise Agriculture/ Allied/ Processing
5 Year of starting enterprise 2001
6 Type of product/ Product range/ Uses Type of Services and consultancy details Mushroom Spawn,

Dry Mushroom Marketing

7 Annual production capacity 24 ton per year spwan Production
8 Availability of product – Place and system and product details All Type of Mushroom Spawn,

Quality Dry Mushroom

9 Total investment in the project (Rs) and annual turnover,

Bank finance and repayment

25 Lakh
10 Marketing/ service area Taluka/ district./ state and network required Maharashtra State
11 Special features of the product/ services High quality Product
12 Future plan All Species Mushroom Cultivation and also Processing of agriculture Product

Horticulture & Nursery Management


Production of quality planting material of fruit crops and vegetables and flower crops is essential to increase the area and productivity. The increasing demand of quality planting material of fruits,vegetables and flowers besides crop like sugarcane has been increasing every year. However the limitations of certified nurseries for supplying the quality planting material of fruits, vegetables, flowers and sugarcane has led to rise in demand of quality planting material like seedlings, grafts of fruits and vegetables. The scientific knowledge of nursery rearing as per the statutes of the State Govt is therefore essential for horticulture nursery producers. The knowledge of production and propagation techniques of fruit crops, vegetables, flowers and sugarcane will help the trainees to start production of quality and disease free planting material for supply to the farmers. The course will help the entrepreneur to establish horticulture nursery with all professional management practices.

The KVK is extending nursery management training since inception for the rural youths in Ahmednagar District. The details of course conducted by KVK is as follows:


Name of Course Discipline Theme Duration in days No. of Trained candidates
Nursery Management Hort Commercial nursery production 180 65
Propagation techniques of Hort Plants Horti Planting material production 03 17
Propagation techniques of Hort Plants Horti Planting material production 03 20
Propagation techniques of Hort Plants Horti Planting material production 03 25
Propagation techniques of Hort Plants Horti Planting material production 03 42
Production of fruits and vegetable seedlings Horti Planting material production 03 36
Nursery Production Hort Nursery Raising 03 29
Nursery Production techn Hort Protected Cultn 02 30

The KVK has a well established infrastructure for production of seedlings and grafts for supply to the farmers. The trainees under the course are imparted the basic skills of production of seedling and grafts production of different fruit crops and vegetables under protected conditions. The hands on training provides the trainees a unique learning experience at KVK.


The trainee after undergoing the training will be able to understand the production techniques of horticulture plants and sugarcane. He will be able to either establish a professional nursery for supply of planting material or will help him to offer skilled labour for grafting and seedling production and earn a profitable income.