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Babhaleshwar, Tal. Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar
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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS), Babhaleshwar,

Taluka-Rahata, District-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Tel. 02422-252414, 253612, FAX 253536

Email kvkahmednagar@yahoo.com Website www.kvk.pravara.com


The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad has designated this Krishi Vigyan Kendra to conduct the Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Programme for the agrigraduates who have the motivation and drive to become Agripreneurs. The training is a residential programme for two months. The successful trainees are expected to start their own agribusiness ventures, get self-employed, simultaneously provide agricultural extension services at their own places and become a boss of their own.

Our Faith lies in You !

 You can be one among such successful Agripreneurs ! All that you need to do be a successful Agripreneur is to believe in your capabilities. You can convert all that you have learnt in your undergraduate and postgraduate programmes into hard cash by skillfully selling your information, your advice ideas and your suggestions to the needy farmers. You can make money by providing consultancy service to the farmers.

All of us at this Krishi Vigyan Kendra believe that you possess a great wealth of farm information, strengths, weaknesses, needs of the farming community. You have been given skills to acquire this wealth at your Agriculture College/Diploma School. We also believe in your innate ability to earn money by honest means. It could be primarily by involving yourself in farming or it could be working under someone for some organization or it could be establishing your own business unit and become a boss of your own.

Our Plan for You !

In order to make you a producer of jobs rather than consumer of jobs, the Govt of India has given you an opportunity to learn and get yourself trained for the challenges to be faced as Agripreneurs ! You have to learn the concepts of Marketing Management, Small Business Management, Agribusiness Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Information Technology and more to understand the skills to manage your own agribusiness.  Besides, you must meet and observe people who have taken the most courageous and risky step of freeing themselves from the entanglements of serving for organizations. The Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Centre at this Krishi Vigyan Kendra through the Agriclinic & Agribusiness Training seeks to provide deliverance from the mind-set of serving others to achieving freedom to chart your own success by establishing your own independent business ventures.

Depending upon the situation, based on the interest and preferences of the trainees, certain chosen specialized areas may be considered for a brief training. You would have opted for a minimum of three specialized areas in your application. This training does not devote the entire period for any specialized training in those areas. Lectures & Practicals inthe specialized area are provided as and when possible after the completion of the management syllabus.

Besides, you may be taken to various places of business interest. You will visit huge business unitsthat could provide a great motivation to dream big and establish your own unit. You may also visit small business units to gain confidence and strength.

At the end of the training, you must submit a bankable project in order to help you get some financial help in the form of a loan to begin your business unit. However, this training does ensure a financial loan or financial help from various nationalized banks to successful trainee. The training and the centre facilitates in providing business management knowledge and skills.

To facilitate preparation of bankable projects by the trainees, this Centre provides requisite backup for conducting market survey and market research. No financial compensation is provided if a satisfactory project is not submitted.

A hostel accommodation for only sixty days is provided free of cost for the trainees during the period of training. Besides this, a simple vegetarian food is also provided free of cost. A caution deposit of Rs.1OOO.OO (Rupees One Thousand only) js collected from every trainee and the same is refunded on satisfactory return of the articles issued either at the hostel or at the Mess or at the Centre or at all these places. The Centre advises the trainees not to entertain their guests and visitors either at the Mess or at the Hostel Any failure to adhere to this regulation may lead to discontinuation of the trainee from the training programme. Trainees are directed to strictly follow the Mess timings.

The Mess will remain closed when the trainees are on field visitsoutside KVK Babhaleshwar.  Trainees should make their own arrangement on such occasions. Any act of indiscipline will be seriously considered.

Text Box: Mess Timings
0830 � 0900 hrs        Breakfast
1300 � 1400 hrs        Lunch   
2000 � 2030 hrs        Dinner
By 2035 hrs the Mess will be closed until breakfast time the next working day. 

Attendance is compulsory and the Nodal officer has the right to cancel the admission of any trainee if the attendance is unsatisfactory.

Any indulgence in ragging or teasing or bullying is considered seriously and the trainee or trainees involved in such acts will be debarred from the training and a suitable action will be taken against such trainees.

Any unreasonable demands such as visit to places outside the State or star quality food or innumerable delicacies at the Mess or luxurious vehicles or expensive study material or any such demands will not be considered at all. Any kind of misbehavior with the resource personor with the guests, or with the employees of the KVK win attract immediate suspension of trainees. Damage to any property of the KVK or the training centre will lead to serious disciplinary action.

One week before the commencement of the training a Counseling Session will be conducted and those who satisfy theselection committee will be given admission. It ismandatory to submit the attested copy of degree certificate for verification and record of the Centre. Besides, every trainee admitted, must submit a stamp-size photographs for preparation of Identity Cards. The admission capacity isonly thirty and my interference in the admission process or afterwards will be a disqualification.

Our Expectations:

Any act of indiscipline that affects the morale of other trainees, or other trainees/visitors of the KVK or the image of the KVK both inside the Campus and outside the Campus will be considered seriously and anyone indulging in such activities will be terminated the training programme.

Every trainee will be asked to sign and submit the following Declaration

Declaration of the Trainee

I  hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules and regulations of the Agriclinics and Agribusiness Training Centre and I also understand that any act of indiscipline or misbehavior or less attendance could lead to cancellation of my admission to the Agriclinics and Agribusiness Training Programme.

I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the KVK & I agree to attend the classes regularly. Further I promise to prepare a bankable project during the period of the training.

KVK Babhaleshwar                                                                                            Signature


Trainees are advised to bring their own writing papers and pens, locks for their trunks and suitcases and water bottles. The Centre does not provide any of these and will not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss of the articles and valuables of the trainees.

The trainees are advised to inform their arrivals well in advance. Those who arrive at odd hours should wait for the hostel staff to come and allot the rooms. Rooms will be allotted to those who are given admission.

Until the admission is confirmed no accommodation will be provided and the applicants must make their own arrangements for food and accommodation.

The daily schedule for the training is as follows:

Daily Schedule:

0830 0900 hrs        Breakfast

 0900 1030 hrs       I session

1030 – 1100 hrs         Tea Break

1100 1230 hrs        II session

1300 1400 hrs         Lunch

1400 -1530 hrs          III session

1530 -1600 hrs          Tea Break

1600 -1730 hrs          IV session

1800 2000 hrs        *Computer and/or Internet

2000 – 2030 hrs         Dinner

* As & When Specified

The Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Centre of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar welcomes all the disciplined agrigraduates/diploma holders for a wonderful stay at the KVK Babhaleshwar and benefit from the immense faith that the government and the KVK have placed in them.

Dr Bhaskar Gaikwad, Chief Scientist

Nodal Officer

Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Centre

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar

Taluka – Rahata, Dt. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Email: gaikwadbh@pravara.ren.nic.in

For Further details contact

Mr Purushottam Hendre Subject Matter Specialist(Hort.)/ Sunil Borude Subject Matter Specialist (Agri Extension)

Training Coordinators

Tel: 02422-252414, 253612

Fax: 02422-253536

Email: kvk@pravara.ren.nic.in

Web: www.kvk.pravara.com



Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS), Babhaleshwar

The Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Centre welcomes all the trainees for a

meaningful stay at the KVK for getting equipped for a better tomorrow. In order to make the stay a comfortable one the following Rules & Regulations are formulated. All the trainees are asked to read them carefully and strictly follow them. Ambitious

1. Essentially, the training is in the field of Business Management. Training in the specialized areas is possible only in certain cases.

2 Attendance is compulsory. Irregular attendance will lead to cancellation of registration in the training programme.

3. Preparation of a bankable project is a must. Only upon submission of the bankable project will the money be provided for T A & DA during the authorized survey duration.

4. The rate of D.A. per head per day is fixed at Rs. 75.00 (Rupees seventy- five only) The D.A. is provided while on market survey only.

5. The schedule will be followed strictly. However, it can be modified, changed or rescheduled, if necessary.

6. Any misbehavior with the visiting faculty will lead to cancellation of the registration.

7. Only vegetarian meals will be provided at the Mess. Sometimes non- vegetarian meals may be provided. It cannot be a regular feature of the Mess.

8. Trainees should not argue with the workers at the Mess. If ever there is any argument, they should contact the Nodal Officer.

9. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed either at the Mess or at the hotel or at any place in the KVK premises. Failure to adhere to this regulation will be seriously considered and the trainees found drinking alcoholic drinks will be terminated from the training programme.

10. Food must not be taken to the hostel rooms from the Mess or from any other place.

11. The Mess is only for eating. Please do not use it as a meeting hall. The workers have their right to rest. Therefore, they have been instructed to close the Mess maximum by 2045 hrs. Complaints in this regard will not be entertained.

12. Trainees are advised to use the amenities and facilities provided for the purposes they are meant for. Any misuse or any damage to any of the instruments, or to any of the KVK property will be considered seriously and action will be taken against the trainees involved in such misuse and damage.

13. Any act or deed of trainees defaming or denigrating or offending the image of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra will be seriously considered and legal action against such trainees will be unavoidable.

14. These rules regulations and guidelines are not exhaustive. These can be modified, changed or supplemented whenever necessary.

Nodal Officer

Agriclinics & Agribusiness Training Centre

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Babhaleshwar