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Inputs and Services

The awareness about all these activities among the farmers is increasing, however for adoption of these technologies they are facing the problems of input supply and services.

Inputs and Services

Imbalanced use of chemical fertilizers along with flood irrigation in command area has resulted in soil degradation. Similarly indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides has led to build up of resistance among insect pests and diseases.  The technologies like INM, IPM, water management are being disseminated by the extension agencies like state agricultural department and SAUs to avoid further problems of crop production. The awareness about all these activities among the farmers is increasing, however for adoption of these technologies they are facing the problems of input supply and services.  During the problem diagnosis it was observed that non-availability of the required inputs and services at local level was one of the major factors for poor adoption of these technologies. Thus for faster adoption and wide scale spread of these environment friendly technologies, the KVK has taken an initiative to provide the quality inputs to the farmers in the rural area along with advisory services. Area under horticulture is increasing in the district. To provide all the inputs and services to the farmers, a common service center was started in KVK campus. 

Seeds and Seedlings

Seeds – Drumstick, soybean, bengal gram,  groundnut,  wheat
1 Drumstick seeds 5000.00 per kg
Seedlings –  Pomegranate, Mango, guava, drumstick, fig, coconut
1 Pomegranate Bhagwa 25.00
2 Drumstick PKM-1 10.00
3 Guava Lucknow 49 50.00
4 Coconut Banawali 80.00
5 Fig Dinkar 00.00
Supplied more than Five lakhs grafts and  seedlings and 525 kgs seed different parts of Maharashtra State . Supplied High Yielding Drumstick PKM-1 seed to more than 2000 farmers from 28 districts of Maharashtra and other 3 states.

1   Drumstick and fig were introduced in the district by KVK

2   Introduction of dry land horticultural crops to generate sustainable income

3 Varietal dissemination of drumstick (PKM), soybean( MACS124, JS 335,PK 472 335 DS MACS 450, DS228), begal gram (Vijay,Vishal, PKV2,Virat,Digvijay), groundnut (ICGS 11,TAG 24,TG 26),wheat(NIAW 301,NIDW 295,Tapowan,GW 496,Trimbak) was taken up on large scale.

Plant Nutrition Diagnosis Center

1 Soil testing (Major) 100.00 per sample
2 Soil testing (Micro) 400.00 per sample
3 Water testing 100.00 per sample
4 Plant petiole testing (NPK) 150.00 per sample
5 Plant petiole testing (NPK + Micro) 400.00 per sample
6 Organic fertilizer testing (Major) 300.00 per sample
7 Organic fertilizer testing (Major + Micro) 600.00 per sample
  •  More than 72000 samples from 432 villages of 59 tehsils, 20   districts and 6 states areanlysed in this lab benefiting more than 66000 farmers and 56000 ha area.
  •  Increased the awareness about ill effects of chemicals on soil health and environment.
  •  Concept of soil test as well as tissue analysis based nutrient management was introduced in the KVK operational villages.
  •  Tissue analysis services were started for first time in the district and the adoption is more with respect to the cash crops i.e. grapes 60-70 per cent,pomegranate 40-45 per cent.
  •  Grape and pomegranate farmers have harvested the export quality fruits and secured the 20-25 % higher market price.
  •  Micronutrient and heavy metal analysis facility was introduced for first time in the district.
  •  Saving in the cost of fertilizers of about Rs1000-1200/ha along with avoiding the pollution of soil / water with10-15 % increase in crop yield.
  •  With the visible benefits of nutrition diagnosis, the farmers from KVK operational villages are regularly approaching the KVK for seeking the nutrition diagnosis services.
  •  HRD to all KVKs staff in Maharashtra about soil laboratory establishment, sample analysis and report preparations were also done.
  •  Six entrepreneurs have started the services of soil/water diagnosis with Soil/Water testing kits in the field.


 As per the problems of the major crops and the available technology to control the pests and diseases, KVK has started the production of bio-pesticides like Trichoderma, Verticilium, Paecilomyces, Nomuraea and  HaNPV on large scale. Good quality, fresh bio-pesticides have helped to give effective control of pests and diseases. This has resulted in increasing demand of bio-pesticides from the farmers
1 Verticilium/ Beauveria/ Nomuraea/ Metarrizium 170.00 per kg
2 Trichoderma/ Paecilomyces 150.00 per kg
More than 70,000 kg bio-agents were made available to 11000 beneficiaries on 21000 ha area. Total 469 villages from 43 tehsils of 8 districts have benefitted under this activity.

  • Production and supply of bio-pesticides through KVK could eliminate almost 20 tonnes of toxic chemicals in agriculture land thus ensuring a saving of Rs 50 lakhs against toxic chemicals.
  • An effective solution against pomegranate wilt was provided through supply of Trichoderma and Paecilomyces.
  • Regular adoption of Trichoderma, Verticilium and Paecilomyces by fruit and vegetable growers in the KVK operational villages due to wide awareness.
  • Seedling damage in the vegetable nurseries due to harmful fungi has been minimized by 90 per cent.
  • Application of Verticilium for mealy bug management has become a regular practice among the horticultural farmers.
  • KVK has for the first time introduced Nomuraea for Spodoptera management in soybean.

Neem Oil and Pheromone Traps

Introduction of water traps and sticky traps for first time in district
1 Neem oil 300.00 per lit

1400.00 (5 lit)

2 Karanj oil 400.00 per lit

Traps and Lures

1 Water traps 58.00
2 Funnel traps 35.00
3 Sticky traps 55.00
4 Fly-t-traps 150.00
5 Lucin lure 40.00
6 Heli lure 20.00
7 Spodo lure 15.00
8 DBM Lure 00.00
9 ESB lure 00.00
10 Backu lure 50.00
11 Bador lure 170.00
12 Roban cake 100 gm 25.00
13 Super grain bags (60 kg) 135.00
14 Super grain bag (25 kg) 85.00
15 Trouble gum 40.00

  •  Neem Oil- 20711 lit, Karanj Oil- 527 lit, Pheromone trap- 37533 to Beneficiaries-12031.  Area in 97 villages of 12 tehsils in 3 districts.
  •  The problems like shoot and fruit borer in brinjal, sucking pests in cotton and fruit flies in important fruit crops have been effectively managed through traps.
  •  Neem oil could be effectively manage Flea beetle problem in grapes.
  •  Supply of these eco-friendly inputs has helped in promoting the concept of organic farming.
  •  Initiation of home scale production of botanical extracts among farm women.


With increasing awareness among the farmers due to various programmes implemented by KVK, State Agriculture Department and SAU, there was a higher demand from the farmers for bio-fertilizers. However availability of fresh and good quality bio-fertilizers in rural area was a main problem. Therefore the KVK has started the production of bio-fertilizers like Azotobacter, Rhizobium, PSB, Composting culture and Acetobacter. During the last ten years, the KVK has produced 49089 kg bio-fertilizers and made available to 9639 farmers from 347 villages of 72 tehsils and 23 districts.
1 Rhizobium/Azatobactor/Phosphoculture (PSB), Compost culture/Acetobactor 50.00 per kg
KVK produced  86604 Kg and beneficiaries are 6240 with area-14390 ha. Total Village covered-332 from  69 tahsils of 22 Districts

  • Utilization of almost 50 tones of environmental nitrogen and 30 tones of fixed phosphorus through use of bio-fertilizers thus saving Rs.12.5 lakhs  against  chemical fertilizers use.
  • Regular use of PSB by vegetable and grape growers particularly in the calcareous soil in order to release the soil fixed phosphorus
  • Use of composting culture has become regular practice in ratoon sugarcane for early decomposition of trash.
  • Introduction of nitrogen fixing bacteria for sugarcane growers in the form of Acetobacter.
  • Effective solution provided to increase the germination of soybean, gram and groundnut through regular supply of Rhizobium.
  • The adoption of rhizobium for soybean is about 60-65 % and 50-60% for Bengal gram.

Spray Grades and Soluble Fertilizers

The concept of fertigation through and foliar feeding was introduced in the district by the KVK .Tissue analysis nutrition management as well as nutrition management in problematic soil was predominantly disseminated due to introduction of inputs like soluble fertilizers and spray grades. These inputs were also made available in the district for the first time.

1 19:19:19 120.00 per kg
2 00:52:34 170.00 per kg
3 13:40:13 130.00 per kg
4 00:00:50 100.00 per kg
5 13:00:45 130.00 per kg
6 12:61:00 130.00 per kg

1) KVK has sold 68529 kg spray & soluble fertilizers to 4990 beneficiaries on 2384 ha. Area.  More than 182 villages of 23 tehsils in 6 districts were covered. Initially these fertilizers were only used for horticultural crops but later on farmers have started to use them for field crops, vegetables and fodder crops also.

2) The wide adoption of the spray grades were noticed i.e. grape 60-65 per cent, pomegranates 30-35 per cent, soybean 45 per cent cotton 40 per cent, wheat 30percent,vegetables25-30 pecent and sugarcane 20 per cent. Farmers have reduced the soil application of chemical fertilizers by 20-25 per cent with 15-20 per cent increase in the crop production.

3) Farmers have reduced the soil application of chemical fertilizers by 15-20 per cent with 20-25 per cent increase in the crop production.

4) Due to high demand of these fertilizers almost all the agro service centers have started the supply these inputs in the district.


1 Vermicompost 250.00 (50 kg)

5000.00 per ton

2 Vermiculture 00.00 per kg
  • KVK has produced 134.72 tones of vermicompost, 135.21 kg. culture and 1763 lit. vermiwash benefiting 433 farmers.
  • Saving in cost of chemical fertilizers by Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000/- per ha along with improvement in soil health and providing additional income by selling the earthworms.
  • Annually 50 to 60 tons of vermi compost is being produced by the KVK benefiting 30-40 farmers annually.
  • Due to the KVKs intervention annually 800 to 1000 tons of vermi compost is produced at the farmer’s field, which is worth Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs.

One farmer has developed commercial production unit of 100 to 150 tons per year and will be exporting the vermi compost to Malaysia


Introduction of protein and vitamin rich biofood for the first time.

1 Spirulina Powder 3000.00 per kg
2 Spirulina Vaseline 60.00 per 50 gm pack
3 Spirulina Culture 500.00 per lit
  • KVK has sold 235 kg. Spirulina powder in more than 28 disricts of different 5 states benefiting 2380 people.
  • KVK has helped in providing effective and long term solution for the anemic, diabetic and heart patients
  • Contribution in the balance diet of 536 families through continuous production and supply of Spirulina.
  • Beneficiaries from different fields like physicians, engineers, lawyers, SAU scientists, businessmen, CA, social workers, housewives, rural youth and farmers have participated in the training programmes.
  • TV programme on spirulina telecasted in 14 different regional languages in India.

Audio Visual Material


1 Krishi Gnyan 200.00 per no
2 Krishi Udyojak 200.00 per no
3 All Radio Programmes 50.0   er CD per prog.


1 Cotton Production Technology 100
2 Spirulina Production Technology 100
3 Organic Farming 100
4 Sustainable horticulture production 100
5 Loose House Dairy Farming 100


1 Organic farming 30
2 Spirulina Production technology 20
3 Cotton Production technology 20
4 Agriculture Technology 70
5 Loose House Dairy Farming 20
6 Pomegranate Production technology 20
7 Community Radio 100
8 Technology Services 100